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    The new must-have for Fall 2011? Unions.

    November 3rd, 2011     by Meg Pirie     Comments

    On October 31, The Toronto Star published a story detailing a successful union drive at H&M in Square One, a large shopping center in Mississauga. The process began in July, when Amy Tran, a member of the United Food and Commercial Union (UFCW), approached Sabrina Butt. Was she interested in a union, Tran inquired? Butt, an H&M employee since 2008, took time to gauge how receptive her full- and part-time colleagues were to this … READ MORE

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    A shameless assessment of Ontario election advertisements and some voting tips

    October 5th, 2011     by Meg Pirie     Comments

    You may have noticed a few things over the last month if you live in Ontario. Yes, there’s a provincial election happening and besides being incredibly important, it’s also been incredibly annoying. Phone calls. Incessant attack ads. Flyers crowding your mailbox. OMG don’t you get it Conservatives? We’re just not that into you! But seriously, certain ads deserve some attention, if for no other reason than to poke fun at how ridiculous they are. After all, … READ MORE

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    Neoliberalism, Politics, and Youth

    August 30th, 2011     by Meg Pirie     Comments

    Like so many Shameless articles I write, my initial intentions and detailed plans get abandoned, only to become fluid starting points for a less-tidy set of observations. So, while I was originally going to offer some commentary after riots erupted in the London, England neighborhood of Tottenham (I still will), I am also going to talk about youth and politics, as we near closer and closer to the provincial election in Ontario. First of all, for … READ MORE

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    Brigette DePape: A Page with Chutzpah

    June 8th, 2011     by Meg Pirie     Comments

    This past Friday, June 3, a young page stood during the Throne Speech and held up a homemade sign that read ‘Stop Harper.’ After this event, Brigette DePape promptly released a well-written, concise press release (you can read it here), denouncing the Harper Government’s divisive politics as destructive to Canadian youth and contrary to Canadian values. Here’s the gist: Brigette DePape is 21 years old and an activist. Originally from Winnipeg, she is a graduate of … READ MORE

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    The Made in Dagenham Method

    June 7th, 2011     by Meg Pirie     Comments

    When I was trying to figure out how to write about organizing collectively, several issues jumped out at me: 1) I have little experience making broad demands to my employer and 2) I have never had to go on strike. What I can tell you is how to ensure your manager purchases a new kettle for the staff room or making sure you are not shamed into taking 38 minutes for lunch instead of the … READ MORE

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    A Challenge of Parliamentary Proportions & Ruth Ellen Brosseau

    May 10th, 2011     by Meg Pirie     Comments

    Well, originally I was going to write about organizing collectively and ‘watching the clock’ strategies, especially in unstable, low-wage situations with moderate to high degrees of surveillance, but then the Conservatives were re-elected with a majority and, well … I had a big cry. Nevertheless, there were some exciting events during this election: the well-organized, enthusiastic, youth-driven vote mobs that sprang up across the country; the highest number of women ever were elected as MPs; and … READ MORE

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    Service with a Smile: The Many Faces of Affective Labour

    April 25th, 2011     by Meg Pirie     Comments

    I must admit that in spite of a checkered labour history that includes wrapping gifts, teaching LEGO, and failed attempts at unionization, right now, I like my job. The work is enjoyable, the pay is fair, my boss is appreciative of the work I do, and to top it off, I can surreptitiously blog from work. Alas, there is but one downside … I am a contract worker. My labour, while gratifying, is impermanent. My contract–this veritable … READ MORE

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    Slut Walk: The London, Ontario Edition

    April 13th, 2011     by Meg Pirie     Comments

    This Sunday, around 300 women from across the city came together in Victoria Park to participate in London’s Slut Walk, inspired by recent events in Toronto. The event was co-organized by Amazon Collective, a local pro-woman action group, and VDay Western, a global movement to end violence against women and girls, that has brought the university and London communities The Vagina Monologues for nine years, along with a slew of other campaigns and events that … READ MORE

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    Meet Meg…

    April 6th, 2011     by Meg Pirie     Comments

    Hey y’all! My name is Meg Pirie and I’m so excited to shamelessly get my blog on with such a wonderful publication. My Shameless column’s primary focus is labour, especially as it pertains to gender. Why, you ask? Well, I’ve had a series of jobs that have varied widely (babysitter, tutor, gift wrapper, customer service representative, server, LEGO instructor at after school workshop … you name it). While the type and length of employment varied, 98% … READ MORE

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