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    If I Can’t Dance, Is it Still My Revolution? An interview with AJ Withers

    January 19th, 2012     by Kate-Christine Miller     Comments

    AJ Withers is a Canadian Disability Activist whose zine “If I Can’t Dance, Is it Still My Revolution?” had a profound effect on me as a disabled person and activist. After reviewing the zine and website for Shameless magazine (the Labour issue, out this week!) I wanted to connect with AJ and hear more about radical disability activism. Specifically, I wanted to know what it takes to build solidarity, among and with disabled people, how … READ MORE

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    Feminist Art Gallery

    August 17th, 2011     by Kate-Christine Miller     Comments

    “Our interest in feminism binds us together and our supporters join us in the belief that art can be a powerful tool for social change.” - Feminist Art Gallery The first rumblings I heard about the Feminist Art Gallery (FAG) were from filmmaker Elle Flanders as we sat passing time in an empty room at Hart House on the University of Toronto campus waiting for an audience at a feminist film and video night. A smirk … READ MORE

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    Toronto’s Radio Flyers: Meet some of Toronto’s female road warriors: Bike messengers

    March 6th, 2011     by Kate-Christine Miller     Comments

    Cycling took stage in Toronto’s mayoral election last year. Some candidates and citizens question why people choose to cycle. To others, the reasons are obvious: low cost, it’s a good source of exercise, it’s fun and it’s environmentally sustainable. Thinking beyond commuters and athletes to those cyclists who keep our courthouses, banks, and government offices running smoothly, I chose to learn more about the work of bike messengers. I see bike messengers on the street and … READ MORE

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