Meet the Bloggers

  • Nathan Adler

    Nathan Adler is a writer and artist who works in many different mediums, including video, film, drawing & painting, as well as glass and installation. He currently works as a glass-artist, and is working on a novel. He is a member of Lac Des Mille Lacs First Nation.

  • Maria Arseniuk

    Maria Arseniuk is a feminist cultural critic who interrogates popular culture, the politics of representation and power relations. Gender studies, travel and social justice are all on the agenda and in her spare time she likes to smash the patriarchy and challenge the status quo.

  • Tammy Beers

    Tammy Beers is an Anishinaabe blogger, activist and artist living in Toronto. She is in her third year of the political science specialist program at the University of Toronto. Find her blog at

  • Raisa Bhuiyan

    Raisa Bhuiyan has a passion for writing and cares deeply about matters of anti-racism and justice in feminism and social housing.

  • Jenny Blaser

    Jenny Blaser is a young, Deaf and Disabled Queer who loves all things pink and butterflies. She is a chronic story teller who uses narrative as an act of resistance and reclamation of identity and experience.

  • Vijaya Chikermane

    Vijaya has been an avid collaborator in the fields of HIV/AIDS, sexual health and gender equity for over ten years. She is the Executive Director at the Alliance for South Asian AIDS Prevention (ASAAP) and sits on loads of Boards and Committees with amazing racialized women. Vijaya is excited about sharing and exchanging ideas on Shameless about the things that affect cis and trans women in our local, global and in-between world.

  • Victoria Chiu

    Victoria Chiu is an intersectional feminist, writer, and student based in Edmonton, Alberta who has a vested interest in cats, the Internet, and soup. She writes, rambles, and roars at her blog,

  • Lauren Crazybull

    Lauren Crazybull is a Blackfoot / Dene Artist & Activist living in Lethbridge, AB. With varied experience in traditional visual art and in broadcast journalism, Lauren utilizes many different mediums to connect with her audience. Lauren hosts a podcast that shares stories and experiences from an indigenous stance called “This Is Blackfoot Territory.”

  • Maranda Elizabeth

    Maranda Elizabeth is a zinester & genderqueer broke femme, writing about mental health & illness, friendship, magic, self-care, support, & creativity.

  • Kaela Fraser

    Kaela Fraser is a seventeen year old from Halifax, Nova Scotia who loves to write. Her other interests include reading, running, watching poetry videos on Youtube, and talking the ears off of anyone listening.

  • Nish Israni

    Nish Israni is a fierce femme who loves to make magic happen in the form of art, conversations, performances, rioting as well as through community building and solidarity. Writing is her craft. She is the co-conspirator for Masala Militia, a facebook group and community dedicated to women/trans folks of South-Asian descent and the diaspora. She was just published in the Slutwalk Anthology and you can follow her blog at

  • Natasha Leite

    Natasha Leite is a feminist, activist, vegetarian, cat-lover, writer, development worker and film buff. She has worked with gender, violence prevention and participation for the last 9 years in Latin America, the Caribbean, Sub-Saharan Africa and the Pacific. She writes about access to rights, gender-based violence and the world wide perspectives on gender-relations.

  • Beth Lyons

    Beth is a young(,) queer(,) feminist rabble-rouser located on the East Coast where she works as the Associate Director of YWCA Moncton.

  • Josée Madéia

    Josée Madéia is a franco-ontarian writer, a community developer, and a new mother. She’s on the verge of taking up farming in rural Québec. Her website is

  • Sarah Mangle

    Sarah Mangle lives in Montreal where she writes, draws, and copy edits. Sarah approaches her writing with love and critical reflection.

  • Becky Martyn

    Becky Martyn lives in Toronto and loves playing and listening to music, taking photos, riding her bike, eating and cooking, doing crafts, travelling and meeting new people. She currently plays keys in Superlion and is working on a new musical project.

  • Jackie Mlotek

    Jackie Mlotek is a social work student at Ryerson University. You will usually find her wearing all black and talking about Beyonce. She likes furry animals, spending too much time on Tumblr, intersectional feminism, and pizza. She also writes for and volunteers with Planned Parenthood Toronto.

  • Denise Reich

    Denise Reich is an Italian-born, NYC-raised writer, artist and dancer who talks a lot, speaks up often, and sincerely hopes that her words help others.

  • deb singh

    deb singh is a warrior activist. She works at loving herself, anti-oppression and having fun in this not-so-fun-all-the-time world. She gets her money from the Toronto Rape crisis Centre/Multicultural Women Against Rape as a Counselor and Activist. She loves writing and living what she speaks.

  • Shilo Silver

    Shilo Silver is a twenty year old non-binary student living in London, Ontario. They enjoy sex positive discussion, activism, and sushi (in no particular order).

  • Maverick Smith

    Maverick Smith has always been interested in social justice and equity. A published poet, writer and the editor of an youth anthology, Maverick explores the themes of social justice and equity in their work. A oral deaf*, queer, trans*, dis/abled, genderqueer settler, Maverick currently resides on the traditional lands of the Mississaugas of the New Credit where they are engaged in community work related to the intersectionality of their various identities.

    Portrait by Markus Harwood-Jones.

  • Anne Thériault

    Anne Thériault is a feminist, social agitator and general smarty-pants. She enjoys writing, cussing, and looking at cute pictures of animals on the internet.

  • RJ Vandrish

    RJ Vandrish (aka Rory Jade Grey) is a genderqueer writer (Shameless; The Spill), actor/playwright, musician (Lez Gauches), comedian, activist and sometimes other things too.