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    Toronto event! Shameless Back To School Launch

    August 31st, 2015     by Team Shameless     Comments

    Shameless magazine is having a back to school party on Friday, September 11 in Toronto! READ MORE

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    There is an Ocean in My Soul: On the Current State of Trans and Genderqueer Punk

    August 31st, 2015     by Laura Friesen     Comments

    Chances are you’re familiar with Against Me! or Laura Jane Grace. The punk band and their frontwoman have been around for a while and have been gaining exposure in queer and trans communities due to Grace’s activism and status as a role model. But Against Me! are far from the only punk band talking about transgender and genderqueer topics and inspiring listeners to listen to their gender nonconformist hearts. Inspired by my love for their album Transgender Dysphoria Blues and attending a recent Against Me! gig, I went searching for more voices and found angry, political rock music that tells individual stories of gender rejection as unique as the people playing it. READ MORE

  • Youth Voices

    Biphobia and Bi Erasure

    August 28th, 2015     by Samphe Ballamingie     Comments

    An exploration of biphobia and bi erasure in LGBTQ+ communities and western culture. READ MORE

  • Youth Voices

    40 Minutes that Changed My Life

    August 27th, 2015     by Natalya Motluk     Comments

    Natalya Motluk bravely shares a story of sexual assault, reporting, and recovery. Trigger warning: Sexual Assault READ MORE

  • Youth Voices

    The Brilliant Benefits of Baking

    August 25th, 2015     by Kaela Fraser     Comments

    Kaela Fraser fills us in on why she loves baking, and you might too! Includes an easy vegan banana cookie recipe for first timers! READ MORE

  • Embrace the Fail

    August 25th, 2015     by Victoria Chiu     Comments

    I’ve always had a thing about failure. Maybe it’s because of the standards imposed on me by years gone by of attending an old chartered school, or because of the general pressure stereotypical “Asian parents” supposedly exert on their kids. One of the prevailing stereotypes about Asian cultures is that parents stipulate high expectations for their children, and oftentimes this means that anything less than “absolute success” essentially equates to failure. Hence whenever my friends get a 98% on an exam, they’ll joke about what their parents will ask: “What happened to the other 2%?” READ MORE

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    Denise’s Test, Part 2: More Positive Media Depictions of People of Size

    August 24th, 2015     by Denise Reich     Comments

    As I continue to search for positive depictions of people of size on stage and screen, I’ve come up with several more examples. As a reminder, to pass Denise’s Test the character of size must be treated like any other person on the show. They might be villains or heroes and they might be loved or loathed by the audience, but they’re not there in the context of a stereotype or joke. They’re not a) a stock “villainous glutton” or a related trope; b) they’re not the token “funny fat guy” who exists only for comic relief, and c) their existence is neither defined nor dominated by obsession or contentious relationships with food. Part 2 continues to focus on people of size that appear as main or supporting characters. READ MORE

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    August 20th, 2015     by Jessie Hale     Comments

    Check out what’s making been making our headlines this week. READ MORE

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    Carless in North America: Ten examples of disadvantage in public transportation

    August 17th, 2015     by Denise Reich     Comments

    A recent Buzzfeed quiz about privilege asked an interesting question: if the reader had to rely on public transportation. It’s an issue that doesn’t seem to be brought up very much, but perhaps it should be. While mass transit is fast and efficient in many parts of the world, if you don’t have your own vehicle you’re at an extreme disadvantage in many parts of North America. The challenges can be substantial, particularly for women, the disabled, and the elderly. READ MORE

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    Sex and Parenting

    August 13th, 2015     by deb singh     Comments

    It’s a social experiment but we are making the blog series “Queer Brown Girl Trying to be a Parent” into a column! So get ready for a monthly blog about all things Queer, Brown and Parenting! This month’s blog: Sex and Parenting. READ MORE

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    August 12th, 2015     by Jessie Hale     Comments

    Check out what’s making been making our headlines this week. READ MORE

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    New episode of the Shameless Talks podcast now up!

    August 12th, 2015     by Team Shameless     Comments

    The second episode of Shameless Talks is here! Hosted by our arts editor, Julia De Laurentiis Johnson, this podcast will be an accessory to our most current print issue, expanding on its theme to bring you even more of the kind of smart & fierce discussion you’ve come to expect from the pages of Shameless. In this episode, we’re talking environmental justice. You’ll meet Rebecca Mandamin, a teen who helps run a group called Ferda … READ MORE

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    August 6th, 2015     by Ronak Ghorbani     Comments

    Check out what’s making been making our headlines this week. READ MORE

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    Mid-Week Round Up: July 30

    July 30th, 2015     by Ronak Ghorbani     Comments

    Check out what’s making been making our headlines this week. READ MORE

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    What’s in a Desi identity?

    July 29th, 2015     by Shailee Koranne     Comments

    Desi people are those who are a part of the diaspora. The diaspora is made up of South-Asians who are living outside of South-Asia. I suppose you might have heard about Bobby Jindal, a prominent Republican politician, running for President of the United States in the primaries. Jindal, who is currently serving as governor of Louisiana, is an Indian-American – a Desi. In his announcement speech, Bobby said, “I’m done with all this talk about hyphenated Americans. … READ MORE

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    Announcing the First Annual Talking Back Awards!

    July 29th, 2015     by Sheila Sampath     Comments

    Shameless is now accepting submissions for our very first creative writing contest, the Talking Back Awards! The deadline for all submissions is Monday, September 7 2015 at midnight. READ MORE

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    The Entrepreneurial Activist of 2015

    July 25th, 2015     by Raisa Bhuiyan     Comments

    The term entrepreneur is difficult to understand, especially because it can contain multiple meanings. For the purpose of this post, I define an entrepreneur as someone who establishes a new initiative, business or company. An entrepreneur possesses an interior fuel and stamina that drives their actions; this energy helps to overtake and surpass the different challenges they face and injects strength to continue pursuing goals when difficulties arise. Anyone can be an entrepreneur and behave like one. After speaking to some friends, many of whom organize various activist events and initiatives across Toronto, it has become clear that that being an activist in 2015 means something different than being an activist in 2010. Being an activist in 2015 means being an entrepreneurial activist! READ MORE

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    Mid-Week Round Up: July 23

    July 23rd, 2015     by Caitlin Blennerhassett     Comments

    Check out what’s making been making our headlines this week. READ MORE

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    Generation Green

    July 23rd, 2015     by Jennifer Foden     Comments

    Saving the planet can seem like an enormous undertaking. There are so many issues to tackle: climate, waste, water, pollution, energy, and more. You may think one person, one group of friends, one school or one community can’t make a difference. Think again. READ MORE

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    Leveraging Procrastination

    July 18th, 2015     by Raisa Bhuiyan     Comments

    No matter how old you are or whether or not you feel that you’ve kicked the habit, chances are you have experienced the feeling of procrastination. Procrastination refers to the behaviour of avoiding doing something that needs to be done because, in the current moment, it feels better not to confront the task. READ MORE

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