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A Very Polite Genocide or the Girl Who Fell to Earth

December 11th, 2008     by Jessica Yee     Comments

A not-to-be-missed opportunity from Catherine Hernandez at Native Earth, about A Very Polite Genocide or The Girl Who Fell to Earth, currently playing at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre in the TDOT.

I’ll be writing about it over at Racialicious, and will be sure to post it here too!

Act now! Act fast!

Native Earth wants YOU to blog about our show, A Very Polite Genocide or The Girl Who Fell to Earth. Uncovering the emotional truths behind the Residential School System, this is obviously a show that sparks discussion. And we think YOU, the bloggers, are the ones to get it started. Here’s your chance to see the show for FREE and get VIP Blogger seats for this Saturday’s performance at 8pm. Just e-mail me a link to your blog (doesn’t matter how small, or what your blog covers) and your full name and we can reserve 2 tickets for you to attend the Dec 13th, 8pm show of A Very Polite Genocide or The Girl Who Fell to Earth at Buddies in Bad Times. The one caveat: We wanna hear your honest-to-blog truth about how the show made you feel and any other insights you may have about the production. E-mail me before 4:30pm Dec 12 to be part of Blogger’s Night. Blog on! Catherine Hernandez

Watch the preview of the show that’s guaranteed to make you think after the jump:

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