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Agokwe and gay love on the rez means I’m there!

September 3rd, 2008     by Jessica Yee     Comments

I’m so freakin’, flippin’, can’t-contain-myself excited for this, I can hardly stand it!

Mark it in your calendars with a big red marker all because on September 23rd, AGOKWE is coming to rock your world at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre and you definitely don’t want to miss it!

A new production from the mystical and magical 23 year-old Anishinaabe artist extraordinaire Waawaate Fobister (and he deserves every single accolade that comes his way), Agokwe explores unrequited love between teenage boys from neighbouring reserves. They meet briefly at a post hockey-tournament party where they bashfully confess their desire for each other. However youth, distance and isolation strive to pull the threads apart when tragedy intervenes.

I haven’t even seen this yet and I’m already moved, shaken, and completely inspired. We already know in the queer community how hard it is to be open with your sexuality, but imagine living in any one of our Native communities and the ongoing oppressions that are shoved down your throat every day, on top of what your sexual preference is.

Especially when way back when, you wouldn’t have been persecuted for being who you are since many of our nations used to revere two-spirited people as our medicine people and healers. Hmm, now I wonder how that got taken away?

Agokwe is actually an Anishinaabe word meaning “wise woman” but it is often used to refer to a gay man.


Running until October 12th, now is the time to make sure you get your ticket for the show of all shows. Now I KNOW I’ll see you there!

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