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Ain’t gonna take it no mo’!

July 25th, 2008     by Jessica Yee     Comments

I’ll admit I’ve been quiet on the whole Morgentaler receiving the order of Canada here on the blog, but rest assured it was because I was fending off some media I really didn’t want to deal with, and fighting back on some websites for my pro-choice positions that are attacking me for a new reason as of late… culture.

Oh yes. It’s true.

A good one I was sent recently as to why I shouldn’t support abortion rights goes a little something like this:

“(Because we’d be borrowing) from our sordid history of legally defining Jews, blacks, women and aboriginals as non-persons by defining the fetus as such. Astonishingly this approach is supported by Jews (Morgentaler, a holocaust survivor), blacks (Barack Obama), women (Hilary Clinton), and aboriginals (Jessica Yee, Chair, Aboriginal Realities, Aboriginal Choices, and Toronto Action Committee, Canadians for Choice) who ought to know better.”


I usually let stuff like this go since this is certainly not the first website that exists against the work I do, and I’m not going to even give this person the time of my day, but I thought I’d share it with all y’all.

Since it’s that much more offensive when someone is calling out my culture to denounce why I believe people should decide what’s best for their own bodies.

I guess if they actually knew anything my culture, they’d know that we’ve had the notion of reproductive rights way before the word “pro-choice”.

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