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June 30th, 2008     by Tiina Johns     Comments

Your average comic blog is easy to find in this crazy world called the internet. Just google “Final Crisis,” and you’ll find pages and pages of boys talking about comics. But there’s one that outblogs all the other blogs ever blogged.

Matt Reid

Living Between Wednesdays is the best, most hilarious, funnest comics blog out there. It’s written by my co-worker/band-mate/BFF, Rachelle Goguen, but personal bias aside, it totally rules.

Rachelle has a deep, undying love of comics, coupled with a critical eye for sexism.

She is also hilarious. This is one for my favourite posts, about an Archie comic where Dilton starts a band.

Living Between Wednesdays might be best known for Rachelle’s Rating the Super Hunks posts. This is where she posts pictures and rates super hero guys on personality, sexiness of powers, costume, etc. My favourites are Daredevil and Iron Man. The comments page often turns in to a debate between readers who are outraged that like, Cyclops only got 7/10 on personality or whatever.

Rachelle also posts about the sexist crap that so often appears in comics. Her post about the now infamous Mary Jane statue started a huge inter-debate. The statue was of Spider-man’s wife, Mary Jane, looking anatomically insane, bent over with her boobs hanging out and a thonged butt, washing Spider-man’s suit in a bucket. Totally gross. Lots of people were outraged, while others argued that it was not sexist, but just “fantasy” so it’s okay to be totally unrealistic.

You can count on Rachelle to point out sexism in comics in the most hilarious, snarky way possible. I think she’s really part of a driving force that’s changing women and comics. It’s like, you know how when some dude says something creepy to you, and you’re by yourself, you feel all angry, and sad and scared? But when you’re with your friends, and a dude says something creepy, you can laugh at what a total idiot he is and basically think of the meanest possible things you can say about him? Yeah, that’s how Rachelle is making ladies feel in the comic world. Totally BACKED!

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