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August 8th, 2011     by Jessica Balmer     Comments

It’s no secret that Shameless loves the printed word. In an increasingly technological world, books still play a crucial role in our lives as they can present complex issues in a concise form. Books entertain, delight, challenge and educate. They make us think, debate and share ideas. Most importantly they spark discussions. We’re all avid readers, so we’re excited to present the Shameless Book Club podcast. Meeting once a month, Shameless editors and friends discuss and review a book of our choosing.

We’re proud to present “Feminism For Real: Deconstructing the academic industrial complex of feminism,” edited by Jessica Yee as the first book in our book club. Yee, a self-described “Two Spirit multi-racial Indigenous hip hop feminist reproductive justice freedom fighter” and founder of the Native Youth Sexual Health Network, compiled this anthology of essays as it tackles “truth-telling” about some uncomfortable truths in feminism and academia. Confronting the uncomfortable is what makes FFR so powerful because sometimes you have to ask what is going on FOR REAL.

For those of you who are in Toronto, you can grab a copy of “Feminism For Real” at The Women’s Bookstore. You can also order the book here.

If you would like to participate in the discussion or have any questions or book suggestions, get in touch or leave us a comment.

Happy reading and stay tuned for the podcast where we be discussing “Feminism For Real.”

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