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BU! The Power of Being a Girl Conference

October 16th, 2007     by Stacey May Fowles     Comments

BU! The Power of Being a Girl Conference

Saturday October 20, 9am to 4pm North York Civic Centre, 5100 Yonge St., (North York Centre Subway)

Be Anything! Be Everything! Be You! YWCA Toronto Girls’ Council and the Toronto Youth Cabinet present a FREE full day conference by, for and about girls 14-22. For more details or to register, please call 416.961.8100 ext. 358 or email YWCA Toronto Girls’ Council YWCA Toronto Girls Council is a group of ten girls (12-18) from South West Scarborough who volunteer as mentors in their community, assisting the YWCA Girls Center in developing, planning and evaluating programs for girls ages 8-18.

Toronto Youth Cabinet The Toronto Youth Cabinet (TYC) is a volunteer-based organization that is the official voice for youth at City Hall. The TYC consistently advocates for various youth issues and strives to ensure that there is a focus on youth programs and services. In addition, the TYC promotes youth activism and civic engagement. All TYC members are between the ages of 13-24 and either work, play, go to school or live in the City of Toronto. Keynote Panel Hosted by: Kris Reyes: Reporter, CityNews and Anchor, CP24 2:30pm Panel Discussion Theme: Education, Empowerment & Action: Young women’s vision of a future without violence

Panelists: Amanda Cain, editor of Yo’ Mama Saron Ghebressellassie, YWCA Toronto 2007 Young Woman of Distinction Stacey May Fowles, Publisher, Shameless Magazine

Workshops include: African Dance Beyond Bitches and Beats: Misogyny in Hip Hop Build a Bag Caution! Toxic Love: How to spot when you or someone you know is in an unhealthy relationship Civic Engagement 101 Expressive Arts If you show me yours, I’ll show you mine: Learn the fine art of resume writing, networking, how to sell your skills Mo Money!: So now that you’ve got some, find out how to make it grow, where to keep it, and how to save it No Cook Cooking Workshop “Oh no you di’int!”: How to resolve conflicts peacefully before a problem escalates Power, Privilege and Prejudice: Anti-Oppression Training Rulers, Rebels, and Radicals: Girls who have changed history Salsa Sex in the City: From condoms to STDs, get straight answers to your questions at this healthy sexuality workshop Webjitsu: The modern martial art of surfing the net intelligently Wen Do Yoga

Lunch, snacks and funky goody bags included! email: 416.961.8100 ext.358

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