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Coquille Tribe of Oregon passed law to legalize same-sex marriage

November 19th, 2008     by Jessica Yee     Comments

So apparently for the month of August I was living under a rock because I failed to hear that the Coquille Tribe of Oregon passed a law to legalize same-sex marriage!

For real! And they are the first!

In all this hub-bub over Proposition 8 and the extreme racism I’ve seen go back and forth (that I’ve almost been too disgusted by to attempt to comment on for fear of unleashing my own fiery wrath of oppression) I came across the wonderful news that Kitzen Branting from the Coquille Nation is set to marry her long-time partner (since high school!) Jeni Branting next May.

Although Jeni is not Native, she is still entitled to receive tribal benefits that include important things like healthcare. Oregon does have a law that outlaws same-sex unions, but because of our sovereignty as Native nations, we don’t have to follow state stupidity (until challenged, of course, which someone is already doing).

Sovereignty works! This is so awesome!

Two-Spirit Power! My friend and brother in the struggle Art Zoccole, Executive Director of 2Spirit Toronto and all my favourite people who fight so hard to get our traditional ways back that honoured same-sex unions since the beginning!

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