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Culture Days = Feminist Art Collage Party

September 10th, 2013     by Julia Horel     Comments

Where: Hosted by Walnut Contemporary, 201 Niagara Street (entrance along the side) ** please note this is not an accessible venue ** What: An interactive art gathering inspired by feminism Who: Organized by the FAC Committee with a performance by Helene Vosters When: Sunday September 29th, 1:00pm

Feminist Art Conference (FAC) Does Culture Days with a Feminist Collage Art Party

FAC is very excited to be included among more than 7,000 free activities that are registered to take place in an estimated 850 communities across Canada for the fourth annual Culture Days on September 27-29, 2013. Culture Days has presented FAC with an extraordinary opportunity to share our passion for feminist art and interact directly with the community.

For FAC’s Culture Days event the Feminist Art Conference invites the public to the gorgeous art gallery Walnut Contemporary. There, Culture Days participants will be asked to consider through art what feminism means and to see a performance by artist Helene Vosters.

The public will be provided with art supplies including a variety of art papers, magazines, drawing media and stickers. These diverse art works will then be photographed and posted on FAC’s social media platforms as unique handcrafted artistic memes.

This event will also be a wonderful opportunity to network, discuss relevant issues and meet like-minded feminist artists while creating work.

Culture Days Backgrounder

The fourth annual Culture Days will be celebrated in hundreds of cities and towns from coast to coast to coast, with thousands of free activities from a wide range of disciplines including: visual arts, music, dance, theatre, architecture, heritage, film and video, literature, culinary arts and new media. 1.6 million Canadians participated in over 7,000 activities spanning over 850 cities and towns during Culture Days 2012. The momentum continues to build and participation in Culture Days 2013 is anticipated to surpass last year’s.

FAC Backgrounder

The Feminist Art Conference is a large scale multidisciplinary art conference inspired by feminism. The idea for conference was motivated by the recent spate of attacks on women’s rights in Canada, the US and abroad. Recently, these infringements on our right to agency and independence have been occurring in alarming numbers in our governments, in the media and in our communities. In the centuries old tradition of women organizing we believe that by coming together and communicating about these issues through our artistic practice, that we can initiate progressive change through creating, communicating, sharing and discussing. Plans for a second Feminist Art Conference are in the works for Spring 2014.

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