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Dear Microsoft: Rape Is Not A Funny Marketing Tactic

October 30th, 2008     by Stacey May Fowles     Comments

Call me a humourless feminist who can’t take a joke, but I think marketing Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007 software on university campuses via posters that resemble community alerts about sexual predators is bad practice. Just sayin’.

Jonathan Goldsbie at Torontoist explains:

You could argue, we suppose, that the ad isn’t necessarily alluding to that particular sort of criminal, but the composite sketch, the “This man has been spotted on campus,” and the way the physical description is structured certainly play to the phrases and imagery associated with a specific type of bulletin. These posters, spotted on Spadina Road just north of Bloor, are especially tasteless in light of (multiple U of T campus sexual assaults) within the last two months.

Now I know why I own a Mac.

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