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Dispatch from Shameless HQ

September 16th, 2008     by Megan Griffith-Greene     Comments

I was also depressed by this morning’s sad note from Bitch. In fact, I was in the middle of drafting my own note about why saving Bitch Magazine is important, but Stacey May beat me to the punch. But I wanted to add a small note anyway about the situation from where I am sitting.

Shameless HQ is a little room in my apartment filled with back issues, mailing envelopes, letters and the piles of work which will soon materialize as a new, shiny issue. (I swear, it is on its way.) This is part of the reality of independent media: we don’t have an office; we toil away as volunteers after we come home from work and school, working on messy desks, like mine, in our own apartments. We don’t get huge cheques from advertisers and investors. Instead, we usually point out that advertisers sell most people short, especially young women.

Independent media is something we all feel quite passionate about, even if it means that Shameless will never be our full-time jobs. We stay independent because it means we can write about anything, because nobody owns us and there is no corporate board room demanding a higher profit margin. And we get to be in a community of other magazines that we think are pretty amazing - like Bitch and THIS - which a larger media empire might see as competitors. We prefer to see them as family.

We at Shameless HQ think it’s pretty important. (OK, the current staff in the Shameless HQ is me and a grumpy printer that’s running low on ink - but I think you get the picture.)

So thanks to our readers for your amazing support. If you can afford to, donate some money to Bitch (I just did). If you have some extra money, help us out by buying a subscription. The new issue is out really soon, and we’re quite determined that it will not be our last.

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