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DIY or Die: KnittyDirtyGirl

July 9th, 2008     by Diandra Oliver     Comments

Rachel-Marie hard at work spinning. Rachel-Marie

I have this tendency of hording crafters into my pocket and obsessing over what they make, how they sell and contribute to the crafting world, and lauding them for every wonderful behaviour and personality trait they embody. They become my idols and I look up to them and think, “When I grow up I want to be a crafter just like them!”

I’m not sure what originally drew me to Rachel-Marie at KnittyDirtyGirl, but there was definitely some magic spell that I’ve fallen under. Like many full-time crafters she said goodbye to her day job in a great move of strength and a leap of faith. A year on, and a handful of life changes behind her, she reached her 1,000th etsy sale, began working more with natural and/or recycled materials and packaging, and sharing more of her process with her followers.

Handspun Yarn made by KnittyDirtyGirl. Rachel-Marie

Rachel-Marie is truly an inspiration for any DIYer that doesn’t want to keep their corporate job and needs to carve out their own niche and way of living, loving, and working. You can find her all over the internet in her store, her vintage store, on her blog, and over at the Etsy Storque. And if you find you’re up to your ears in her yarns, call me - I think we should start a support group, or fundraiser, because we’ll need more.

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