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Fall is the season for the book geek

August 19th, 2006     by Stacey May Fowles     Comments

Im now thoroughly convinced that the fall is the season for book geeks like me. My calendar is already packed with literary goings on in Toronto, and across the nation. Add to that the countless books due for a fall launch by feisty female writers, and the bitterness associated with the ominous end of the summer is sweetened just enough.

The obvious book geek pinnacle pick is The Word On The Street Book and Magazine Fair. From 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on the last Sunday in September (this year its the 24th), the fair sets up in various locales in Vancouver, Calgary, Kitchener, Toronto and Halifax. Its completely free and boasts more than 500 attractions including exhibits by local and national publishers, booksellers, and writers’ associations, giving readers and writers a chance to mingle all day long with publications and authors.

In praising the fall, we cannot forget the International Readings at Harbourfront Centre. For a mere eight dollars you can spend the evening with some of the best international writers in one of Torontos best reading venues. The big draw for me in the upcoming calendar is the readings celebration of indie bookstore darling Book Citys 30th anniversary, where theyve managed to secure Monica Ali, author of Brick Lane, and named one of the twenty best young British novelists by Granta Magazine. On Wednesday, October 7th at 7:30, shell be there along with my great Canadian writer pal Michael Redhill, and others.

And just when you thought things in the fall couldnt get any better, there are the books themselves. As for new launches, the first installment of Emily Pohl-Wearys much anticipated Natalie Fuentes Mystery Series, Strange Times at Western High (Annick Press,) is finally out this September. The latest issue of Shameless profiles the countless literary adventures of this indie scene superhero, and I find myself constantly perusing her online blog to catch up on all her countless great goings-on.

Im also entirely excited to see that Zoe Whittalls got a book of poetry on the close horizon. Her second collection, The Emily Valentine Poems, will be out any day now with newbie-innovative-indie Montreal press Snare Books. Given Whittalls prolific literary commitment to the queer girl voice, the crushing of fat-phobia, and the exquisite construction of, well, every line she writes, this little book of poems promises to be nothing but perfect. Once I get my hands on a copy Ill give it a thorough review.

With a roster like this, its doubtful Ill be lamenting the change in seasons one bit.

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