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Feminist Housewives

December 22nd, 2007     by Stacey May Fowles     Comments

Are you a Feminist struggling to make sense of domestic life?

I recently stumbled across a great online community called Feminist Housewives, a site dedicated to feminists who have chosen “to forgo a high-powered career or intense education (at least for a while) to raise our children instead of placing them in daycare.” On the site you can “create a profile, check out the forums, and make some new friends.”

I personally love the idea because of the many assumptions and stigmas around women who make the choice to stay home. This community solidifies the notion that being a housewife (much like various marital traditions and taking your husband’s name) can be an empowered, feminist choice. It also offers links and resources, and an area where visitors can create a network and participate:

“If you’re here, I bet you decided to stay at home, either to support your partner in a domestic fashion and/or to raise your kids. This isn’t backsliding - we’re socially conscious and making our own decisions.”

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