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Fight Boredom!

September 9th, 2010     by Diandra Oliver     Comments

zinetable Hello Amber of the Fight Boredom Zine Distro is one of my ultimate Zine Heroes. Based out of Montreal, feminist Hello Amber!, runs this small zine distro and puts together the Fight Boredom Zine as well as a perzine, Culture Slut.

Her distro is led by its inspiring Fight Boredom Manifesto:

ONLY BORING PEOPLE GET BORED Or, The Fight Boredom Manifesto We will fight boredom with action, ideas and creativity. We will fight boredom with feminism, friend dates and crafternoons. We will fight jealousy and girl-hate and all the -isms and phobias in our communities. We will fight boredom by encouraging one another and maintaining positive friendships. We will fight the winter blues with long conversations, hot drinks and new adventures. We will have picnics in the springtime. We will fight boredom with bike rides, cupcakes, and trips to the library. We will write letters and we will not be afraid to cart our typewriters long distances. We will be critical of the mainstream. We will not be afraid to look ridiculous. When our acquaintances complain of boredom, we will do our best to help them fight it (or perhaps get drunk and remind them that only boring people get bored). We will fight boredom with our own zines and manifestos - WRITE YOUR OWN!

Fight Boredom is currently building their distro up and is seeking zines for submission! Whether you’re a seasoned zine maker or even just thinking of making your first, Fight Boredom might just be the place for you! Acceptable material includes queer zines, feminist zines, tales of small towns, adventures, gardening, community-building, activism, cuntlove and tattoos. She’s also accepting zines in both English and French! If you’d like more information on how to submit a zine to this Distro check out Fight Boredom’s Myspace page:

If you’ve never made a zine and are interested in putting one together there’s some online resources here:

How to Make a Zine from Zine Book The Zine Library to upload your zine or print other people’s zines for distribution How to Make a Zine from Instructables The GRRRL Zine network has lots of great information on Feminsty resources as well as how to make a zine!

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