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Girl-on-girl hate that I just can’t stand

October 28th, 2008     by Jessica Yee     Comments

I know there are songs on the radio that people just can’t stand; especially when it comes to breaking down the lyrics. Yes there’s misogyny, violence, racism, and fake-ness all around, but some songs you can still tolerate for their beat, others you just cannot stand to hear at all.

For me, those songs are the ones that have the underlying (but in my mind overt) tones of girl-on-girl hate. As in, a woman singing in the song about how she’s hotter, better, or doesn’t like some other girl, and wouldn’t you just like to get with her more.

It makes us ALL look bad as women, and I’m grateful that I can at least change the radio station and one day raise my children to be critical and discerning towards media like that.

Just to confirm, I’m talking about these kind of songs:

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