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Guilty Pleasures: The Oeuvre of Sarah Michelle Gellar

December 23rd, 2008     by Michelle Schwartz     Comments

Following in the footsteps of Anna and her musical solution to holiday stress, I offer my own plan for surviving December: The Guilty Pleasure Movie. Everyone has one hidden under the bed or at the back of the entertainment unit. A movie that, despite endless viewings and despite its lack of any apparent value, still rewards the watcher with a mindless sense of serenity. In the interest of full disclosure, I will cop to my guilty pleasure of choice. It’s a little something I call The Always Entertaining Film Career of Sarah Michelle Gellar.

I started watching out for the big screen appearances of Ms. Gellar way before I had ever even seen Buffy. I loved her particular blend of vacuous bimbo, catty bitch, and evil trollop parts. The more offensive to my feminist sensibilities, the more I loved her work. From Scream 2 to Cruel Intentions to Southland Tales, Sarah Michelle Gellar just warms my heart with a combination of excellent comic timing and horrible career choices.

To this list of mostly awful, but always entertaining movies, I add Simply Irresistible. Sure, it’s a rip off of Like Water For Chocolate, and sure, the dialogue is full of sexist stereotypes, and yes, the male love interest is a irredeemable chauvinist pig the entire movie, but who cares? It has Sarah Michelle Gellar playing a cook granted magical kitchen powers by a muppet crab sent down from heaven by her dead mother! A muppet crab that she talks to and carries around in her purse! And she vanquishes all the bad guys with orgasm-inducing eclairs! Plus, a supporting cast that includes Patricia Clarkson, Betty Buckley and Dylan Baker, all of whom could make a recitation of the phone book funny and awesome. Simply Irresistible is my new cure for the holiday blues!

What about you? In the holiday spirit of shamelessness, what are your most embarrassing guilty pleasure?

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