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He’s a player, she gets played, challenging gendered stereotypes about youth sexual health

September 8th, 2008     by Jessica Yee     Comments

CIHR Cafe Scientifique hosted by the Institute of Gender and Health presents: He’s a player, she gets played: Challenging gendered stereotypes about youth sexual health

Tuesday, September 16, 2008, 5:00 p.m. Buddies In Bad Times Theatre 12 Alexander Street, Toronto

Information fair starts at 5:00pm Panel begins at 6:00pm Light refreshments provided

Please RSVP:

Young people of all genders and sexualities are sexually active; the average age that Canadians first have sex is 17. So why is it when a girl is sexually active, she can be considered to be easy, but when a guy is sexually active he can be called a stud? How do these gendered stereotypes affect young people’s physical, emotional and sexual health? How do they intersect with race, class, and oppression? In what ways do these stereotypes influence how parents, teachers, researchers and health care providers talk and think about youth sexual health? Join us as we challenge these stereotypes in a lively discussion with experts in the field of youth sexual health.

If you have accessibility needs, please contact the organizers and we will do our best to accommodate you.

The expert speakers featured at the Cafe are:

Dr. Sarah Flicker, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Environmental Studies, York University

Dr. Jean Shoveller, Associate Professor, School of Population and Public Health, University of British Columbia

Jessica Yee, Founder & Director, Native Youth Sexual Heath Network

The event is moderated by Dr. Joy Johnson, Scientific Director, CIHR Institute of Gender and Health.

What is a Cafe Scientifique?

Remember when you used to spend untold hours sitting around a table over a beer or coffee with your friends, solving all the problems of the world, debating all the “big questions” of the day? Cafe Scientifique is, simply put, a larger and slightly more organized version of those conversations. It’s an opportunity to bring together researchers with members of the public to spark a discussion about some of the most interesting - and sometimes contentious - research currently underway in Canada.

What is CIHR?

The Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) is the Government of Canada’s agency for health research. CIHR’s mission is to create new scientific knowledge and to catalyze its translation into improved health, more effective health services and products, and a strengthened Canadian health-care system. Composed of 13 Institutes, CIHR provides leadership and support to more than 11,000 health researchers and trainees across Canada.

For more information about this event, please contact:

Zena Sharman Assistant Director Institute of Gender and Health Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Telephone: 604-827-3284

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