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Hmm….what do you think this means?

July 29th, 2008     by Jessica Yee     Comments

I recently saw this sign walking out of an interstate road stop.

I was one of three lone persons of colour in the place and when we walked by, stopped to look at it, made some snarky comments that included shock and dismay, we turned around. Staring back at us were “suspicious” faces (that’s what they uttered) who looked us up and down, looked back at the sign, and then turned to each other with a “well what should do we do now?” kind of sentiment.

What does this all mean? You tell me.

(I mean, I always thought that the real threat of terrorism was right here at home, with the Conservatives, antis, racists, and other oppressors, but hey, that’s just me).

Tags: activist report, race and racism

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