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Humber student video features Shameless launch party

March 18th, 2013     by Team Shameless     Comments

TV and broadcast students featured Shameless’ most recent launch party at the Academy of the Impossible in a video assignment. Check out their piece below! (Transcript below the jump.)

00:00 (Super Lion Plays)

00:05 Narrator Victoria Quiroz: The night started off strong when Toronto’s Superlion hit the stage in their first performance. Blending the styles of pop-punk, indie, and dance, their infectious and fun sound set the tone for the evening.

The venue for the night was the Academy of the Impossible. The space is dedicated to workshops and programs that aid and empower non-traditional education.

This wasn’t any regular show though, but the launch party for Shameless magazine’s winter issue.

00:33 Victoria Quiroz: Ronak Ghorbani, an Arts Editor at Shameless, pulled double duty that night playing bass in Superlion. She explained what sets Shameless apart from other publications.

00:42 Ronak: We feel that mainstream media doesn’t pay a lot of attention to these like super critical issues and so the magazine is a fantastic space to bring that up in very accessible ways for a 14-year old a 15-year old to get involved with politics.

00:56 Victoria Quiroz: Along with entertainment, event-goers were treated to free food and a Valentine’s Day themed craft table. Even when a blown fuse cut the lights, the music kept going, and the night continued.

01:06 (Superlion plays)

01:13 Victoria Quiroz: Circulation Manager Kate Miller talked about why they chose to make this issue about education.


Kate: Our readership tends to be from about 16 to 24, so a lot of those people are in high school, in post-secondary, making decisions about education, and going through different stages of being affected by the systems of education.

01:33 Victoria Quiroz: Shameless magazine publishes quarterly* with its next issue on justice due out in spring of 2013. If you’d like more information on them go to Outside of the Academy of the Impossible, I’m Victoria Quiroz, Humber News.

*Editorial note: Shameless magazine publishes three times a year

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