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July 25th, 2008     by Mir Verburg     Comments

Mounties pinned me down in cell and tasered me, Manitoba girl says.

Yep you read that right: ‘tasered’. That means a machine named after a comic book hero and meant to be used as an alternative to deadly force when apprehending someone armed or otherwise dangerous was used on an un-armed 16 year old girl, in her cell, BY FOUR COPS WHILE THEY HELD HER DOWN.

Oh sorry, was I yelling?

Tasers are already getting enough bad press what with the alarming number of taser deaths in Canada to date. Why not add a few child-abusing cops with tasers to the mix?

The girl decided to report the incident following the death on Tuesday of a Metis youth who was also shot with a taser. In the Globe article she describes her experience at the hands of Manitoba’s finest:

“She was held down by four officers, one for each limb, while a taser was used on her legs and groin area. She said the third shock lasted between five and eight seconds and left her screaming in pain.”

I am going to let Jessica take a crack at dealing with the fact that both of the youth tasered in Manitoba were of Native descent, I feel I have said all I can say without resorting to more all-caps.

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