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i listen to bands that don’t even exist yet

December 12th, 2008     by Anna Leventhal     Comments

Do you find the music industry’s manipulations and machinations to be as confusing as I do? Do music mags’ “What’s Hot and What’s Not” lists make your head spin? Have you ever showed up at a party wearing a band t- shirt that you were sure was the latest thing, only to be told “That band is more out than Ellen Degeneres”? Well, fear no more, friends! Monitor Mix, the blog Carrie Brownstein (of dearly-departed Sleater-Kinney) writes for NPR, is taking the risk out of music fandom by hiring an astrologer and psychic to predict the trends for 2009. Now you can know what’s happening with the big names and tastemakers before they do! Seriously though, this is an awesome idea, and I can’t wait to see which of these predictions come true.

What are YOUR predictions for music next year? I especially am wondering what Neko Case’s “big announcement” is going to be. Here she is (after the cut) talking about boys wearing girl pants, which is one trend I think we all hope will die a quiet death before it’s time to get a new calendar.

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