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If your baseboard heater is already on 11…

February 1st, 2008     by Catherine Hayday     Comments

Adria Vasil’s always eco-practical column over at NOW magazine really spoke to me today. As I sit here in my two pairs of socks, two hoodies, long-johns and sweatpants – beside my completely cranked baseboard heater.

Most Toronto rentals I’ve been in have baseboard heaters. So, on this chilly snowy day, here are Adria’s tips on how to get your baseboard heaters to work with you, not against you (and your wallet).


blockquote>Q My apartment has baseboard heaters that don’t warm things up no matter how high I crank them. What should I do?

A Like rain on your wedding day, Alanis Morissette should be crooning about the ironies of electric baseboard heaters. Namely, that they’re so damn cheap to install but so bloody pricey to run (not to mention useless).

Their rock-bottom price tag makes them extra-appealing to landlords, especially those who make you pay for your own heating bills. But what ends up happening in most homes with baseboard heaters is just what you’re suffering through: you can crank the bleep out those babies and still shiver till you’re blue in the face.

Adria’s solutions…

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