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Katy Perry, UR Not Gay

December 3rd, 2008     by Michelle Schwartz     Comments

While doing some research for my post on Amanda Palmer’s scandalous belly, I noticed that she had been nominated for Out Magazine’s annual “Out 100” Awards. While happily watching interviews with Amanda and Tegan & Sara, who should I see but Katy ‘UR So Gay’ Perry standing around in the background. “

What is she doing there?” I thought to myself. What is the woman famous for lyrics that say kissing another woman is “not what good girls do” and that listening to Mozart and being a vegetarian is “so gay” doing in the Out 100? Well, not only is she in the 100, she was awarded Musician of the Year and is the only woman represented on the cover of the magazine.

The Out 100 Awards Out Magazine

I am so sick of Katy Perry. She actually gave an acceptance speech in which she laments not getting to attend the “fabulous” award ceremonies because she would miss all the cattiness and gossip! She trivializes the queer experience, makes lesbianism into a show for men, and trades in cheap and insulting stereotypes. She is not queer, does not claim to be queer, and shows absolutely no solidarity with queers nor understanding of the queer experience. Her martyr-complex tales of being castigated by her conservative parents makes a mockery of every queer kid who really was thrown out of the house and couldn’t fall back on a heteronormative pop-music cushion. Her whining about how people are just “dying to be offended” shows a complete unwillingness to listen to the people she is exploiting for their fabulous gowns and great cocktails.

Shame on Out Magazine for awarding Katy Perry! Shame on them for not only listing her, but for letting her represent all “out” women on the cover, and for letting her offensive apolitical drivel stand above all the other awesome music being made by and for the queer community.

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