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Layering up for…the beach?

February 26th, 2009     by Cate Simpson     Comments

So, it’s not really beach season yet but if you were planning on picking up a new bikini for a winter getaway anytime soon, maybe you should go with one of these numbers instead.

Or maybe not.

WholesomeWear is “a modest line of clothing for ‘wherever’”. They’re launching with their swimwear (which looks suspiciously like the hideous grey tunics girls wore at my primary school until they scrapped the dated looking things in the early 90s), because “the need for modesty in swimwear is greatest.” Is it though, really? Is this honestly something we need in our lives?

Of course, it’s only being marketed towards women, because “modesty” is not a word that ever gets associated with boys. No company would ever suggest that a man bearing his pecs on the beach is in any way unwholesome, but a woman showing a quarter-inch of skin means she’s down for anything.

I also think this is an interesting piece of anti-sex backlash. Because no one, in any era, has ever worn this much clothing to go swimming. Even those funny 1920s bathing suits weren’t this wretchedly ugly.

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