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Let’s not lose sight of the real issues

December 22nd, 2007     by Stacey May Fowles     Comments

In my view, here’s a brilliant, succinct analysis of the state of America in relation to the Jamie Lynne Spears teen pregnancy media frenzy, care of Faux Real.

This really puts things in perspective:

“Meanwhile, across the country, healthcare networks and opportunistic politicians are making it more difficult for even college students to access birth control, never mind that lower-income and poor women have to pay up to four times as much for reproductive health access than ever before. The global gag rule remains in place today, maternal mortality rates are shamefully high across the globe in part thanks to conservative U.S. policy…

…Medicaid is funding penis pumps but not birth control. Millions of women around the world are trying to take responsibility for their reproductive health, pregnancy and otherwise, and are running into unrealistic obstacles and outrageous emotional and financial costs. But whatevs, right? Because Jamie Lynn is pregnant. OMG!”

Read the full post, including some informative links about the state of women’s reproductive health access in the US, here.

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