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Letter from the Editors (Issue 8)

April 1st, 2006     by Derek Hogue     Issue 8: Issue 8: The Miss G__ Project     Comments

Greetings shameless friends! After an unseasonably warm Canadian winter spent working on this issue, we’re happy to bring you some sassy spring reading material. It’s been an accolade-filled few months for Team Shameless. In October, Shameless was named Best Magazine by Toronto alt-weekly NOW and, in January, we won an Utne Independent Press Award for Personal Life Coverage. We’d like to thank both of these fine publications for their support, our contributors for their hard work and you, dear reader, for sticking with us.

And now, on to our new issue.

Canada’s recent federal election got us thinking about politics, and how women in positions of power are depicted by the media. Usually, it’s not in a very flattering light, with more attention paid to a female politician’s choice of outfit than what she’d like to see included in a budget. On page 26, Heather Cross tackles the double standards facing women in powerful positions.

Speaking of politics, we’re excited to introduce you to two of our favourite Canadian feminists: Judy Rebick, a fearless social justice activist (page 9), and Doris Anderson, a trailblazing voice for women’s rights (page 4).

On page 18, Kate Carraway provides some handy tips on making the most of your money. Jennifer Goldberg has our cover story on the great graffiti debate — is it a crime or creative expression? — on page 36.

We’ve also packed the magazine with fun. Learn how to turn old ties into snazzy new accessories on page 30 and how to wire your own lamp on page 35. Check out a mix tape from Metric’s Emily Haines on page 38. And travel back in time with our new Counterculture Classics section, where we review old-school books, films and records that changed the way we think about the world. (If you, your older sister or your mom have any vintage favourites, tell us about them at submit@shamelessmag.com.)

Drop us a line anytime and let us know how we’re doing. Happy reading!

Yours shamelessly, Melinda + Nicole


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