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Letter from the Editors (Issue 7)

October 1st, 2005     by Derek Hogue     Issue 7: Issue 7: Girls in the ring     Comments

We bet you think it’s party time all year round at Shameless HQ. Well, you’re partially right. Allow us to bring you up to speed on how we spent our summer vacation, as we scrub the cake stains out of our carpet.

In June, we held our first birthday party and celebrated the launch of the summer issue with two flavours of birthday cake and a dance party that left us exhausted for weeks.

By July, we had regained enough energy for a road trip to Ottawa to co-host an all-ages concert with the lovely Ladyfest Ottawa crew. Held at the very cool Club Saw, the show featured Lesbians On Ecstasy, SS Cardiacs, Jayda and Les Allumettes and raised some money for both Ladyfest and Shameless.

When August rolled around, it was time to say a tearful goodbye — well, okay, there weren’t any tears, just hugs and a bee-infested picnic — to another round of editorial collective graduates. Many are moving on to university and other adventures, and while we’ll miss them, we’re excited to get to know a new bunch of girls who will help us out this year.

Speaking of hellos and goodbyes, Team Shameless is looking a little different these days. Our former subscription manager, Lisa Whittington-Hill, is now working her butt off as publisher of This Magazine. We wish her all the best and are pleased to announce that we’ve found a plucky new superhero to take over her position at Shameless. Holland Gidney is now standing by to help you subscribe, renew and buy holiday gift subscriptions for everyone you know (subscribe@shamelessmag.com).

We’d also like to welcome our new associate publisher, Audrey Gagnon, and new ad sales manager, Liz McDonnell, to the team. A big thanks to Jes Markoff, who, on top of writing and taking photos for the magazine, has been running our ad department.

But enough catching up. We can’t wait for you to check out this issue of Shameless, as Zoe Cormier takes a critical look at a new trend in plastic surgery, the so-called designer vagina (page 18), and Dallas Curow tells us what it was like to work as a 17-year-old Marilyn Monroe impersonator (page 22). Itching to get active? Check out our 20-minute web design tutorial (page 33), learn to make bowls out of old records (page 35) or head to surf school with Jennifer Besner (page 34).

And keep sending us your feedback, ideas, art, poetry, whatever!

Yours shamelessly, Melinda + Nicole


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