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March with the Young Greens

September 10th, 2008     by Stacey May Fowles     Comments

UPDATE: This event has been cancelled.

A message from The Young Greens of Canada:

“A majority of Canadians want to see Elizabeth May in the national televised debates. But the decision has been made to keep her out. So the Young Greens have decided to do something about it.

There will be a rally and march in Toronto on Friday afternoon. We will be taping our mouths shut to symbolise the silencing of Elizabeth.

Here’s the schedule (Friday, September 12): noon-12:30pm - Meet at Nathan Phillips Square (City Hall) and do some pamphletting. Hand out duct tape, make signs, and all that important stuff. 12:45pm - Start heading down to the CBC, making a silent spectacle along the way. It’s around a 20 minute walk. 1:15pm - Collect ourselves in the square at Metro Hall. Have some speeches from passionate folks. Once we’re ready, we head over and walk through the CBC lobby in silence, our mouths duct taped.

Very important note: This is a non partisan rally! Although it is organized by Greens, everyone is welcome to come and vent their frustration.”

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