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Miss G__ on the move

February 6th, 2006     by Nicole Cohen     Comments

The women of the Miss G__ Project have had a busy few months trying to get womens studies onto Ontario high school curriculum (see News Flash in our Fall 2005 issue).

In January, the steering committee presented their vision to the provincial Status of Women Committee of the Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation, who have endorsed the group and given them some funding. This is a great step forward in transforming high school education.

They have also formed committees to ensure the project is more of a collective. Theyre now looking for people to sit on various committees, including finance, events/campaigns, high school outreach, feminist pedagogy/research and teachers/curriculum. If youre interested get in touch:

And last, but certainly not least, the project has launched a Postcard Campaign, which means you can sent a note to the Minister of Education that says: “To the Honourable Gerard Kennedy, I feel that Womens Studies should be in the curriculum because… .” You can fill in your own reasons, Miss G__ suggests: “because pepper spray wont solve the problem,” “because I cant understand my history if I dont know hers,” and “because I learn what it means to be a woman from Seventeen magazine.”

Check their website for contact info and to get some postcards for you and your friends to fill out the next time you realize how great your life would be if your education was as well-rounded as Miss G__ envisions it.

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