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more developments in the dove saga

November 27th, 2007     by Nicole Cohen     Comments

In this installment: upon examining Unilever’s conflicting brands and marketing tactics, the ad industry discovers there’s something strange afoot!

Apparently there’s a bit of a controversy about the Dove vs. Axe advertising contradictions, which we’ve been discussing on this blog for quite some time. I wonder what will happen when industry-types start calling out Dove for its disingenuousness?

In it’s defence, the company stated that “The Axe campaign is a spoof of ‘mating game’ and men’s desire to get noticed by women and not meant to be taken literally… Unilever is a large, global company with many brands in its portfolio. Each brand’s efforts are tailored to reflect the unique interests and needs of its audience.” I’m not quite sure that marketing-speak is going to convince people this time.

(Thanks to Kevin for the tip!)

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