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panties for peace

October 21st, 2007     by Anna Leventhal     Comments

I know, I know, I used the dreaded p-word. But if you can see your way past this vocab transgression, read on.

I just stumbled across an article detailing a previously-unbeknownst (at least to me) method of protest activism: intimidating the Burmese government by mailing ladies’ gotch to its embassies.

The Panties for Peace campaign rests on what is apparently a cultural taboo: the more superstitious of the Burmese junta members associating touching ladies’ garments with weakness and loss of power. Causing them to come into contact with Hanes Her Ways is probably more of an insult than a direct action, but when diplomacy fails, I guess you have to hit, um, below the belt, as they say.

The new Molotov cocktail?

To add your knickers to the growing movement, check out details of the campaign online.

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