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Planned Parenthood Ottawa sued by “charity”

May 22nd, 2008     by Jessica Yee     Comments

Okay this just annoys me.

From the Ottawa citizen:

First Place Pregnancy Centre was one of three charities designated by the Sens Better Halves, a group of Ottawa Senators’ wives and girlfriends, to receive funds from the SENSational Tree Raffle organized last November. In December, First Place withdrew from the fundraiser after Planned Parenthood issued a press release saying the group was “anti-choice.”

First Place executive director Terri Mazik said her group has since noticed “a severe decline” in clients. The statement of claim names Planned Parenthood, executive director Stephanie Piche, and Heather Greenwood, program co-ordinator.

For real? This is what First Place has the time and funds to be doing?

And for the record, there is absolutely no doubt that they are anti-choice, anti-woman, and extremely judgemental. It is ridiculously unfair to trick people into thinking you are going to support and give them “options” when you get through their doors and the tactics to steer you away from actual choices (with what you want to do with your body) interestingly enough begin. It is part of the ongoing problem with these so-called “pregnancy crisis centres” popping up across the country that SHAMELESS has blogged on before.

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