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Propositions Passed and Failed

November 5th, 2008     by Stacey May Fowles     Comments

Feministing’s got a convenient breakdown of the ballot initiatives that passed and failed as a result of yesterday’s election. While much of what’s been reported is good news for women’s reproductive rights (abortion bans and the idea of “granting fertilized eggs full rights” were widely rejected), it’s a sad day for the rights of our gay neighbours.

Word is now out that California’s hotly contested Proposition 8 narrowly passed, which eliminates the rights of gays to marry in California. Along with Prop 8 a number of gay marriage bans and a ban on gay adoption were accepted.

I have lots to say on how completely mindblowing it is that citizens would vote to repeal the marriage and family rights of their neighbours, but in the interest of not delivering a ranting, emotional cry-fest of a speech, I’ll open the floor to you. What do you think about the victory of these pro-choice decisions and the tragedy of these anti-gay decisions?

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