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August 25th, 2007     by Anna Leventhal     Comments

Tired of going to hardcore shows only to catch a mohawk in the eye on the dancefloor, get other people’s crusty macho sweat on your fishnets, and feel alienated because you’re not male and/or straight? Never fear, Thundrah is here for you, like a big cozy noisy blanket. It’s loud, hard, jangly, queer, and heartfelt, with some tweaky electronic twiddling from Lisa Gambletron and sticks-a-flying drumming from ZZ Topless, as well as good-old-fashioned throat-tearing screams from singer and guitarist Mac and the world’s catchiest bassline courtesy of Stephen. Somehow it works as well for looking out your window at factory smokestacks as doing windmills on the dancefloor - and goodness knows any sensible youth needs both.

Thundrah’s currently on tour, and I think I’ve posted this too late for you Toronto kids to check out, but they hit Ottawa tonight and Montreal tomorrow. And their album, The City Swallows the Sparrow, is now available from Montreal’s Blue Skies Turn Black. They’re also on tour with California’s Mika Miko, who give me new hope for the L.A. DIY scene, and make me believe that we can make our dreams come true with gluesticks, a photocopier, some scissors and some sparkles, dammit. And okay, you might end up with sweat on your fishnets anyway. It’ll be worth it.

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