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Sacred Sex week begins tonight at Good for Her!

September 22nd, 2008     by Jessica Yee     Comments

It’s Sacred Sex Week at Good For Her!

Discover the multiple ways you can integrate your spiritual side with your sexy self to maximize your erotic potential.

All workshops are for everyone regardless of gender, sex, sexual orientation or partner status, unless otherwise specified.

I’m kicking it off tonight with Aboriginal Pleasure, Power, and Sex Positivity, beginning at 7pm.

Pre-registration is required for all events except Reclaiming Eros book launch on Thursday, September 25. Visit the website to sign up or call 416-588-0900.

Monday September 22, 7-9:30 pm Aboriginal Pleasure, Power, and Sex Positivity With Jessica Yee $35 Indigenous, matriarchal cultures around the world have strongly believed in the human power of pleasure and the sacredness of sex for centuries. This workshop will discuss the intersectionality of mainstream ignorance to acknowledge these significant origins, explore the roots of sex positive existence, and give tools and strategies for present day empowerment using the teachings many of the First Peoples actually began.

Tuesday September 23 7- 10 pm Tantra For Two With Pala Copeland and Al Link $70 per couple This introduction to Tantric sex is for specifically for couples. Together you’ll learn basic practices that will transform your regular love life into sizzling sacred sex. Experiment with breath techniques. Learn about your “love muscles”. Discover how both men and women can become multi-orgasmic. Find out about the best intercourse positions for exchanging your sexual energy. Couples only. Heterosexual focus.

Wednesday September 24 7-10 pm Sacred Sex Starts with Me with Cheri Michael and Leah Burgess $40 (materials included) What is sacred sexuality? Each person will discover the answer for themselves, as it is a personal evolving journey. Take some time to learn about your relationship with sacred sexuality. An evening of artistic exercises and discussion will help you begin to discover, understand and ripen your sacred sexuality.

Thursday September 25 7-9 pm Book Launch for Reclaiming Eros: Sacred Whores and Healers With Suzanne Blackburn, FREE! No pre-registration required At WonderWorks (79A Harbord Street) In this new revolutionary book, Suzanne Blackburn and Margaret Wade, Suade Publishing, challenge us to examine what roles eroticism and sexuality play in our lives, how we regard these powerful forces and how we might, if we dare, change our beliefs. Reclaiming Eros puts sexuality back where it belongs - with all of life that is sacred and beautiful. Hear her read, ask questions and get your own copy personally signed!

Friday September 26 7-9:30pm Energy Sex Skills: Basics with Sheri Winston $35 Learn how to “Run Energy”. Play with your own sexual energy circuits by using breath, sound, movement and vision to cultivate, access, enhance and channel you own erotic power. A solo-skills class.

Saturday September 27 11 am-1:30 pm Yin & Yang - Playing With Fire & Water with Sheri Winston $35 Learn to understand the dynamic interplay of desire and attraction we have with others, how to use that energy to create passion and keep our relationships hot and juicy. Play with complimentary energy using breath, sound, movement and vision. Learn to open and receive as well as to send and give.

Saturday September 27 2:30 pm-5 pm Shringar Ras: Celebrate the Sensuous! With Veena Gokhale $35 Shringar Ras, the sensuous mood, originated in classical India, and continues to be a strong influence today. This participative workshop will immerse you in shringar ras with the Radha-Krishna legend, poetry, perfumes, visuals, and music, and discuss how to evoke the sensuous mood in your everyday life.

Saturday September 27 6-11 pm The Kinky side of Spirituality and the Spiritual side of Kink With Patricia Marsh and Carlyle Jansen $40 Explore how integrating kink and spirituality can build erotic ecstasy. Beginning with a short workshop, simple exercises will follow to deepen your understanding through practice. All exercises will involve choice in participation. Novices to kink/BDSM might find this a less intimidating way to enter the world of kink, and BDSM aficionados will enhance their practice through a deeper connection to their spirituality.

Sunday September 28 11:00 am-1:30 pm Partner Yoga With Gill Kranias and Juno Stewart, $75 per couple This workshop celebrates a sensual, playful yoga. Learn new ways to stir up your tantric energy, then practice and explore some yoga postures with your partner. Brought to you by the teachers of Sex & Yoga. Bring a partner, wear comfortable clothes and don’t forget your mat/towel. Couples of all descriptions welcome.

Sunday September 28 2:30-6:30 Reclaiming Eros: A Women’s Temple With Suzanne Blackburn, Barbara Brown and Carlyle Jansen $40 Join a circle of women to celebrate and honour our sexy/sacred feminine energies. Expand your awareness, sensation and pleasure potential through techniques honoring individual choice and rhythm. Reclaim the innate wisdom of your own body, mind, heart and spirit. Say “yes” to your life force in all its erotic power. Women* only.

*Women includes trans women.

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