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Shameless’ Stacey May Fowles gets Canada Also Reads nod

February 26th, 2010     by Julia Horel     Comments

Shameless publisher Stacey May Fowles has been honoured with a pick in the National Post’s Canada Also Reads panel of books for her novel Fear of Fighting (Invisible Publishing, 2008).

The Canada Also Reads panel was set up by the National Post’s The Afterword in response to the mainstream CBC Canada Reads, which has sometimes been criticized for showcasing already well-known books. Canada Also Reads put out a call for nominations of books that were relatively new and comparatively unknown. A very long longlist was eventually shortened to five, including Fear of Fighting.

Want to read Stacey May’s novel but can’t shell out $19.95? You’re in luck! The book will be available as a free e-book download from the publisher’s website until April.

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