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Shout out to Anti-dote

July 29th, 2008     by Jessica Yee     Comments

I have to give a loud and proud shout-out to Anti-dote, the amazing Multiracial Women’s and Girl’s Network, since I just got done talking about doing more programming with them.

If you’ve never heard of Anti-dote, mosey yourself on over to their website and check out their fabulousness. Not only do there need to be more opportunities for those of us in communities of colour to exist in safe spaces where we can just be our authentic ourselves and talk about the ongoing issues so many of us are facing, but growing up in this multi-layered racist, classist, and otherwise oppressive world is still a tough thing. Anti-dote has circles of aunties, grandmothers, and sistahs who provide the familial mentorship we all need to carry on and just be!

They are based in Victoria, but hey, it’s all about unity across lands right? So let’s join in and keep these kinds of circles going!

Tags: activist report, race and racism

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