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Snow Bunnies

January 14th, 2009     by Cate Simpson     Comments

Burton Snowboards have just released a line of snowboards by Playboy, featuring bare-assed women with the word “Love” slapped unimaginatively over the top.

The boards have caused some heated discussion on the slopes of Vermont (where Burton’s headquarters are located). The above post on Creativity Online takes an even-handed approach to the controversy, mentioning the numbers of children who frequent the slopes and then citing boarders strapping their feet to images of nearly-naked women as an instance of excercising free speech.

Except, it isn’t actually speech at all. These snowboarders aren’t making a point, unless the point is, “It’s not enough to have girly pictures up in my dorm room; they also have to be staring me and everyone around me in the face while I go about my leisure pursuits.”

My own instinct is that the images on the boards are pretty tame, and definitely no more outrageous than this video of Heidi Klum gyrating to Guitar Hero in her underwear. What do you think: is it all harmless fun, or are these “Eh, whatever” responses to female nakedness a byproduct of being bombarded by images of it all day long?

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