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Take It Back - Photos!

September 29th, 2008     by Jessica Yee     Comments

I will not add anything to Pike’s awesome post on Take Back the Night this year, except to say again that women united will never be divided!

If you were ever a previous attendee, or maybe thinking of becoming a new one, we need you there with us each and every year, and there just isn’t too many times you can go. Because, let’s face it, violence against women affects us all, and we need to remember those who cannot physically be with us, but who are trying to take back their night, in their own way, on their own terms, every day.

Some photos from this year’s event to inspire YOU to keep Taking It Back!

Markings of what we stand for were written everywhere we marched

The writing of truth is on the wall

Men walked alongside in support, addressing their white male power and privilege. Now if only more would do that!

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