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The September 11th we didn’t remember

September 12th, 2008     by Jessica Yee     Comments

I’m a little late on posting this, but with all the hub-bub and media overkill everywhere, we all know what date I’m talking about.

Only this time, it’s not in America, but in Chile, and the roughly 50 000 people who were arrested, tortured, several murdered, and whose democracy has since been stolen away. Not to mention the more than 2700 people who have been killed since September 11, 1973 in Chile, opposing the US-lead military rule in their country, who overthrew president Salvador Allende to put an Army Commander-in-Chief and dictator into power.

Tito Trico over at the Guardian has an awesome article where he asks; Were the lives of those killed at the World Trade Centre more valuable than the innocents murdered in Chile’s US-backed coup? that’s definitely worth a read.

I won’t say much else but to ask you all to remember those who you think aren’t front of mind on this day.

I know I’m also commemorating my own people, the Mohawks, and the generations of our families who helped build the World Trade Centre (among other landmarks like the Empire State Building and much of the New York City Skyline), some dying over the years, but all rarely given our due for these historic contributions.

You be the judge on who gets to be remembered.

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