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Tis the season for Shameless holiday deals!

December 11th, 2012     by Team Shameless     Comments

For the entire month of December, each new or renewed 2-year subscription ($25 or $35 for US Subscribers) gets you an absolutely free 1-year gift subscription!! Buy one for someone you love and practice some self-love and renew your own subscription now. When you buy a 2-year subscription online, we will email you asking for the name and address for the gift subscription.

For the ultimate gift that keeps on giving, sign up for the Hall of Shameless. In addition to membership on our awesome team of sustainers, you get free entry to all of our events as well as an ongoing subscription.

Shameless has got everything you need to start the new year on the right track - news, views, politics, music and more, all fitting neatly between the front and back covers of every issue. Skip the mall, and go for the gold.

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