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Tools are scary for the ladies, apparently.

October 16th, 2007     by Stacey May Fowles     Comments

“Scary man tools will be replaced by decorative trinkets and stylish furniture at the new Home Depot pilot store designed to attract women.”

Yes folks, the Home Depot Design Center (dubbed “Her Depot”) opens this week in Concord, CA, and the promotional copy from Home Depot is a little patronizing:

“She can buy a light bulb as well as all of the lighting, or a major appliance plus the laundry detergent to go with it.”

You know, cause girls hate building stuff.

A spokesman from Home Depot explains that,

When you take lumber and building materials out of the store, you expand the opportunities. What this store does is it picks up where Home Depot leaves off. It’s a male-friendly home-improvement store. It’s a warehouse environment, and it’s not clean and neat the way women like it.”

This seems like a good time to plug these good folks again.

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