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Toronto Event: A Tribute to a Pro-Choice Fighter

April 14th, 2010     by Julia Horel     Comments

YOU ARE INVITED to an afternoon celebration of one of Canada’s bravest and most inspiring feminist fighters. Norma Scarborough was a pro-choice activist who was always at Dr. Henry Morgentaler’s side in our fight to legalize abortion in the country; plus, she was a wonderful woman.

Part of Norma’s celebration will be introducing, honouring and fundraising for the new generation of young women who are keeping the pro-choice movement strong in Canada. Norma was the head of the now defunct CARAL (Canadian Abortion Rights Action League). In its stead is the Ottawa-based Canadians for Choice, led by an amazing woman named Patricia LaRue who is not only bilingual but a young mom. She and other young pro-choice feminists, some Toronto-based, will be at the event.

All money raised at the event and during the month of April is going to the newly named Norma Scarborough Emergency Fund, founded and administered by CFC to help with the travel costs of women seeking an abortion. (Please see for info on how you can donate.) We are thrilled that Senator Nancy Ruth has agreed to match every dollar we raise up to $7,500.

The event will include some musical performances, as well as selections from the Choice Monologues.

With Obama sacrificing abortion for the passage of his health bill and Harper’s government attempting to exclude reproductive measures as part of women’s health needs in their overseas aid packages, it really is a good time for pro-choice women to come together and remind the government and others that there was one generation of women who fought for the right to choose and there is another one ready to continue the battle.

Saturday April 17. 3-5 p.m. Koffler House, Room 108. 569 Spadina Ave. This event is FREE.

Yours truly just might be one of the monologue performers … see you there!

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