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Victory, valentine and vagina.

January 15th, 2009     by Andrea Hoang     Comments

That is what the “V” in V-Day stands for. V-Day is an international organization dedicated to ending violence against women and girls. With chapters all over the world, V-Day has raised over $60 million in the past ten years. Here are some awesome sounding events the Toronto V-Day crew is hosting:

Congo Teach In V-Day is holding a public lecture tonight in the Ryerson campus about the Democratic Republic of Congo and its current crisis, where women are being used as weapons of war. When: Jan. 15, 5:30pm - 8:30pm Where: 55 Gould St. Toronto, ON Room: Ryerson University SCC115 (Student Campus Centre) Cost: Free! Mr. Vagina-Friendly Those fleshy folds of pinkish skin can sure be hard to navigate sometimes. And only after 21 years of owning one, I can finally say I’m somewhat vagina-friendly. It’s not something anyone can say, but a bunch of guys will claim themselves to be friends of the vajayjay on Friday, at V-Day’s Mr. Vagina-Friendly competition. Who will reign supreme and who will succumb to phallic-guided fallacy?
When: Jan. 16, doors open at 8:30, pageant starts at 9:00 Where: Ram in the Rye, 63 Gould St. Toronto, ON Cost: $3 Music: Punjacian Admission: All ages!

V-Day is also in the process of collecting used t-shirts in an on-going campaign called The Clothesline Project to raise awareness of violence against women. Different coloured t-shirts symbolize different forms of abuse and are used to have stories written on them and to be hung on clotheslines as a sign of solidarity. Feel free to donate t-shirts at these events.

According to their Facebook group, these are the meanings of the t-shirt colours:

White: Represents women who died because of violence

Yellow: represents battered or assaulted women

Red: are for survivors of rape and sexual assault

Blue: represent survivors of incest and sexual abuse

Purple: represents women attacked because of their sexual orientation

Black/grey: is for women attacked for political reasons

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