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We need more pro-choice community

August 18th, 2008     by Jessica Yee     Comments

Reading about the latest anti-choice militancy to end abortion in Canada sure does make me wonder why we in the pro-choice community are not organizing more.

On September 23rd, the always-contradictory titled “40 Days For Life” campaign (as if beliveing in choice does not equate wanting the best life possible for you and your offspring?) starts in Ottawa, where anti-choicers will be protesting across abortion clinics and generally making a scene with their condemning antagonistic message.

These religiously-based gatherings garner hundreds to thousands of participants in support; the “March for Life” alone had over 10 000 attendees this past May.

Does the number of people who show up make what they are doing right? Absolutely not, there are several historical attrocities around the world that have occured which prove that the masses following one state of mind can be quite dangerous, however there is definitely some apathy around defending choice in Canada that it would be nice to do something about. Especially as the younger generation whose ovaries and vaginas are the ones people are attempting to make decisions over for us.

We’ve got a lot to pay attention to in regards to restricting reproductive freedom in this great country of ours. While we might be the only Western nation with unrestricted access to abortion, a closer look at what’s happened in the past six months might make you gather some friends together and stand up for the right to choose.

It’s just too bad that it so often takes the threat of losing something to act on keeping it. But several actions and events are planned for the next year so stay tuned, we need you!

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