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We need to watch this…

November 24th, 2008     by Jessica Yee     Comments

The antis are at it again, coming up with their totally inaccurate and conflicting, supposedly “all-encompassing” polls for craziness.

From the ultra-scary LifeSiteNews:

A new Environics poll shows a majority of Canadians want legal protection for the unborn child at some point before birth. This is consistent with survey results over the past seven years. Canada remains the only country in the developed word with no legal limits on abortion throughout all 9 months of pregnancy. Yet, almost 6 in 10 respondents support legal protection for unborn children at some point before birth. Only 33% support the current situation of protection only after birth. Once again, women polled showed far more support for protection from conception on than men did: 33% versus 24%.

Where the hell are they getting their numbers from? Oh that’s right, Life Canada produced the poll, so you KNOW they’re asking objective questions.


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